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Geonoceutical Functional Food

Many of the foods consumed today are highly processed and lack the nutrient density (vitamins and minerals) our body needs to function properly. For the average individual, it is challenging to consume all the necessary vitamins and minerals from food alone, due to poor nutritional habits. Pesticides, pollutants and environmental toxins have also decreased the nutrient density in the soil over the last 50 years. This has resulted in lower amounts of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients in the food we eat today.

Thus, we turn to Unicity‘s products that are backed by science and geared towards the improvement of metabolic health through the influence of gene expression.

Power Breakfast

Lean Complete

High quality protein drink that serves as a meal replacement and provides 100% of your daily vitamin and minerals requirement.


Helps clear waste and toxins from the colon and aids in keeping your digestive system healthy

Bios Life E

Helps to increase energy levels while enhancing metabolic function and fat burning. High in antioxidants from premium matcha.

OmegaLife-3 RESOLV

Highly purified Omega-3 oil from deep sea fish for healthy metabolism.

Metabolism Management (Lunch & Dinner)

Bios Life Slim (aka Unicity Balance)

A fibre matrix that helps maintain healthy blood lipid levels such as cholesterol and also improves regulation of blood sugar.

After workout


Premier sports protein drink containing 4 key ingredients – protein, vitamins and minerals, branch chain amino acids for muscle recovery and health, and pre/probiotics.


Nature’s Tea 

Flushes off undigested waste (to be taken in the evening, after dinner)

*Only for those undergoing the 60-Day programme

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