Here are what some have to say after completing the programme.

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Danielle Chong, 21 years old, Nursing Student

I felt better overall in my well being. My mood was better and I felt attentive and focused during class. It was tough adjusting to the plan at the start. But I got used to it after a while. My body felt refreshed for each new day! The poop makes me feel lighter.

Danielle Chong

Amyn, 24 years old, Fashion Design Student

I feel more energised. Although it was a struggle at first to take so many things. But I did really see the changes; I don’t see myself snacking and I feel my stomach empty and loose as I pooped everything!


Shaun Lee, 21 years old, National Serviceman

I feel more energetic, like my energy was higher in the morning unlike before when I was feeling lethargic and sleepy. I pooped more and my bowels felt clear. I feel more focused during the day, especially at work.

Shaun Lee

Gina Quah, 19 years old, Student

The programme helped me to kick start to a healthier lifestyle as I am more conscious about what I eat and have started to exercise up to 5 days a week. Results from the programme can be seen as I shed some pounds because my shorts felt looser. Also the Omega oil made my hair… Read more “Gina Quah, 19 years old, Student”

Gina Quah

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