Why is it so difficult to burn fat?

Naturally, our body is designed to use both carbohydrate and fat for energy. We call this ability to switch between fuel sources as ‘Metabolic Flexibility’.

However, poor food choices & lifestyle patterns have led our body to constantly produce insulin. High levels of insulin condition our bodies to use sugar (from carbs) as energy, but not fat. And excess calorie intake causes us to increase our fat stores.

How do we ‘teach’ our body to use fat stores instead?

By adjusting our diet to a range of high quality fats and protein, controlling carbohydrate intake and eating at the right time – can help us to achieve this goal.

Our body can then enter the ‘fat burning zone’ – which enables us to utilise unnecessary fat stores! 

Through our Metabolic Health Tune-up Programme, we will teach you about the right proportion and portion sizing of fats, protein and carbohydrates (yes, carbs aren’t evil) to consume for each meal. In addition, we will also teach you when to eat each meal so that you can effectively enter that desired ‘fat burning zone’.

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